Artist Statement

My paintings concern the relationship between psychology and the expression of emotions through art – transitional object. The power of nature and the pull of the sea and sky’s reflections remain the inspirational core. The ever changing colours mirror the changing seasons, a power greater than the self. The sky, the universe is a force greater than life itself regardless of believes, whether heaven and earth worshipped or the bio – energy field in Buddhist philosophy which is where I find spirituality.

The cyclical philosophy is the foundation to Buddhism and the cycle of existence: birth – death – rebirth. Some of my paintings have depicted the three stages: separation – isolation – connection as stages or traumas in everyday life.

7. Separation. Reflecting sun, the shimmering of separation, the open sea of hope – the soul’s birth canal of life.
8. Isolation of death washes over the soul as the reality of loneliness engulfs – the knell of depression.
9. Connection, the turning tide of unrest carries the soul onwards to a bay of hope – rebirth free for peace and connecting souls.