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Caroline Anderson Art - Créative Art Psychotherapist, Welcome to my website...

Caroline first lived as a child in Edinburgh, Scotland before moving south to England with her family.

The first art school attended was Hastings School of Art and after the two year foundation course she was very lucky to go to school in Paris where the history of art and paintings lessons were part of the curriculum. At this point Caroline did not know in which direction her art work would follow so the decision was made to take time out, so Caroline went to live and work on Sark CI,where she drove a horse and cart for an hotel and painted when ever time was found. One day an invitation was received from the Dame of Sark inviting her to tea with the explanation given that she liked and wanted to see more of her sketches and paintings. As a result many commissions were undertaken from both her and some of her friends.

1. La Couple, Sark
2. Cat Rock, Sark

During this time Caroline met the local jeweller who due to illness asked her to help with designs, which she did. Interest grew and so Caroline returned to England and studied jewellery, silversmithing and enamelling both the making and design, Sir John Cass which is now part of the university of London. There was a particular interest in enamelling and she gained the City and Guilds advanced diploma with distinction. Whilst at Cass Caroline met and married her husband and after living on Sark for six years, did not return except for holidays.  

3. Cheltenham Gold Cup
4. Tutankhamun

Caroline soon realised the life of an enamel designer was too shallow for her and as she wanted to use her imagination and art in a more meaningful way. However, design commissions are still undertaken. The decision was made to study psychology; transpersonal integrated psychotherapy;Play and Creative Arts Psychotherapy.

Now living in Kent, England Caroline divides her professional life between painting, exhibiting and, practising as a Play. and Creative Arts Psychotherapist. The commissioned art work is termed Point – to – Paint and the free paintings are Sark influenced and based on natures reflections from sea and sky.

5. Camber Sands
6. Poppy Field

The style but not natures inspiration, has had many changes and medium experimentations throughout the years including gouache, oil, water colour and acrylic. Currently acrylic and water colour are often used together as one compliments the other in giving depth to the image.

However, acrylic alone is chosen for an increase in vibrancy.  Caroline exhibits internationally and the recent exhibitions include: Artifact Gallery New York USA; Kensington Town Hall London; Horsebridge Arts Centre Whitstable ; Weald Of Kent; Cranbourne Gallery Australia; Les Carroz France.

The painting (6) exhibited in the Louvre Paris, Poppy Field tries to depict the contrast in nature’s elements, or the three stages in Buddhism. Mountain rocks, separation. The water, connection and the fragility and instability of a poppy, isolation.

Exhibitions 2024

June 16-24 – Cranbourne Australia.

July 6 – 8 – Leeds Elite

Horsebridge Whitstable Tbc

October 17-20 – Louvre Paris

Exhibitions 2025

25-27 April PAF Los Angeles
Elite London Tbc

Horsebridge Arts Centre
PAKS Gallery Vienna
Castle Heidenreichstein
PAKS Munich
Artefacts New York


Royal Academy of Art
Pure Arts Society
Hastings Arts Forum
Weald of Kent Art Society

Paintings £100 – £350. Cards from original paintings £1.75 – £2.50